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Entries in Windows XP (5)


XP SP3 RTM - April 29th Availability

Microsoft have confirmed that they have released XP Service Pack 3 to manufacturing. It will also be in Windows Update and the Microsoft Download Center on April 29th.


XP Available Till 2010

Microsoft have announced that Windows XP Home will be available to OEMs until at least June 2010. Microsoft is very clearly recognisisng that consumers and manufacturers are not seeing much in the way of benefit in migrating to Windows Vista. I still haven't seen it necessary to use Vista on my boxes and laptop.


XP Based Eee PC Due In April

ASUS have announced that their Eee PC will be available from April 9th. The 4GB units will ship with XP Home and sell for around US$400. With 4GB you wont be able to do much but if you want to read just how well the system performs read the review at Laptop Mag.


Windows XP SP3 Due

Reports are that Microsoft are going to be releasing Service Pack 3 for Windows XP in the next few days. Although the news is that there are still a few issues that might delay things a little, I myself will probably wait before installing it.


Dell Reintroduces Windows XP On New PCs

In a move which many users have been clamoring for, Dell have decided to offer the option of installing Windows XP on new machines. This is a reversal of their policy decision to offer only Windows Vista on new PCs. Dell said its customers have been asking for XP as part of its IdeaStorm project, in which Dell asked its customers to help the company come up with product ideas. It was amongst the most popular of requests.